We offer solutions tailored to the compliance requirements of your company.

Today compliance with the relevant legal framework is required not only by our government and by the European Union but also by customers. Suppliers are being confronted ever more often with compliance audits by their customers. Compliance questionnaires have to be filled out, compliance risk audits are carried out at suppliers and if adequate answers cannot be given, the supplier is blacklisted. The customer suspends the business relationship until the supplier has effectively addressed its compliance risks and their management. Therefore, as violations of the relevant legal requirements are met with substantial sanctions and civil claims for damages, compliance has become a competitive advantage.

Board members and managers are under intense pressure to not only confirm that they are complying with their legal obligations. They also have to provide evidence to their customers and the authorities in case of alleged compliance violations that they fulfilled their compliance duties with reasonable care. To this end the implantation of an effective and efficient compliance management system is not optional. If management wants to prove its commitment to meet the legal obligations, it needs to prove that a compliance management system has been implemented and tested and that it is continuously improved by addressing compliance risks. If you don't want to lose important business, you must be able to answer the question: What are the compliance risks of my company?

To address this question, we have been conducting compliance audits in companies for years. On the basis of the compliance risk analysis, we advise you which measures are most suitable to control identified risk situations. It is important that all measures are embedded in an integrated overall concept so that an effective and efficient compliance management system can be implemented.

As part of our compliance consulting services, we create a Code of Conduct as well as Compliance Guidelinesfor you. They are tailored to the specific requirements of your company.

We offer in-house compliance trainings to communicate the goals of compliance and the contents of the Code of Conduct and Compliance Guidelines to your employees. They are tailor-made for your company and convey the relevant contents in an easily understandable way. Thereby, compliance risks can be effectively countered. Compliance trainings are also an essential component of an integrated compliance management system.

A keynote speech on compliance topics can provide an initial important impetus to raise your employees and managers awareness for this topic. This creates an understanding of the first measures to be taken when setting up a compliance management system.

In addition, it is advisable to offer a whistle-blower hotline to the employees of your company, but also to customers and suppliers. As your external ombudsman they can contact us, in case they identified compliance violations or compliance risks and would like to inform your company about them.

Our German website contains valuable information on our different services and a wealth of information for you to download on German compliance related legislation as well as that of other countries.

We have compiled a wealth of information on compliance and stand by to support your company in establishing a risk oriented compliance management system .

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